From the Howrah train station (platform 1 to 6) you can take a train to Navadvipa.

All unreserved train tickets to Nabadwip Dham from Howrah Station are available in the booking hall to the right on entering the main entrance of the station. Go to the left hand section of windows there (marked 'Eastern Railways Suburban Booking'). Local Ticket to Navadvipa Dham: Rs 24 (General Express Ticket: Rs 32). Ladies can purchase all 2nd class tickets from the 'Ladies Only' window. The better local trains leave Howrah train station 6:35 AM, 7:55 AM, 12:20 PM., 2:35 PM, 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM. All these are known as the 'Katwa Local.' The train takes at least three hours. Each train has a "Ladies Coach" which is reseved for women traveling alone or with young children.

You can check schedules at:

Howrah code is "HWH", Navadvipa code is "NDAE"