There are some good trains that go from New Delhi to Mathura everyday (see schedule below). This list was compiled in 2010 from the official Indian Railways web site In the station itself there is a huge board that shows the estimated time of arrival of all trains by the train number. Compare the times listed below with the time on the board and make your selection. If a train is late, it might be better to take a different train (even if you have to go to Nizamuddin station instead) since it may become more late as time goes by.


If you stay in our Matha in New Delhi the cheapest and easiest way to go to New Delhi train station is by METRO. Take a rickshaw from our Math for Rs. 10-15 to Janak Puri East. Go inside the metro hall upstairs and buy your token for New Delhi train station, which will cost you about 18 rupees. Take the blue line direction Rajiv Chowk, change there to New Delhi train station. Total traveling time will be about 40 min.

Tickes from Mathura to New Delhi you can buy in Mathura train station, or you can go to the tourist quota booking office to book your return ticket. The list (shown below for 2010) with all the superfast trains that pass through Mathura to New Delhi can be found on the Indian Railways site, or in a book called "Trains At a Glance" (Rs. 40) available at the newspaper stand at the railway stations and some other news stands. The times are available at the IR website and from the Assistance desk at the tourist quota booking office.

If you do have to go to Nizamuddin station, the cheapest reasonable way is by auto rickshaw which you can get from the Delhi Traffic Police prepaid stand in the forecourt of the New Delhi Railway Station. From our Matha in Delhi it will cost about Rs. 150. Auto rickshaws can be found on the main road across the park from our Matha. Again, it is prudent to note the auto rickshaw number and only give the driver the DTP slip when you reach Nizamuddin station. Be prepared for the driver to reopen negotiations about the fare as soon as you get to the auto rickshaw. If he does, then say "Nay" and make a move to get out and head back to the Delhi Traffic Police prepaid stand. As soon as you make a move to leave he will say "OK OK" and you'll be on your way. If you have a sleeper class ticket, you can show your ticket and wait in the Second Class Sleeper waiting room at the station. There is a reasonably clean toilet there and even a place to bathe.


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