The UK Festival of Devotion Tour

July 2nd - 12th, 2004
With Sripad Bhaktivedanta Aranya Maharaja and Sripad BV Bhaktisar Maharaja

Dear Maharajas, Prabhus and Didis,

Please accept our dandavat pranam.
Sri Sri Guru-Gauranga Jayatah!

We are so very pleased to announce the The Festival of Devotion Tour of Sripad Bhaktivedanta Aranya Maharaja & Sripad Bhaktivedanta Bhaktisar Maharaja here in the UK! They will be visiting many places throughout England and our hope is that this will enable you to take advantage of the purifying association of Srila Gurudeva’s nearest and dearest. Please take a few moments to look over the schedule detailed below and mark your calendar for when you will get your hari-katha. Both are here for only 10 days! Please take full advantage of this golden opportunity. Invite everyone you know.

NOTE that we need to collect to reimburse their airfares. As of yet we do not know the total amount which is our portion of their tickets but as soon as we do we will inform the group and the hosts. Therefore, each host is requested to collect this minimum amount for the total number of days programs are held at their location. This is separate from any donations devotees will make to Sripad Aranya Maharaja & Sripad Bhaktisar Maharaja personally or for Prasadam.

Please let the hosts, of the programmes you will be attending, know when you will be coming. This allows us to prepare in advance for you.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

See you there!
Sadhu Sanga Ki Jaya!

Vaisnava dasanudas,
Pradyumna Misra das

July 2004

July 2nd Hemel Hempstead (Friday)
Sri Guru Purnima – Vyasa Puja, Srila Sanatana Gosvami Disappearance, Caturmasya begins,.

Evening programme at the Grove Hill Community Centre 5:00 to 10:00 PM

Henry Wells Square


Hemel Hempstead, HP2 6BJ

Contact Dhama Sakha Prabhu or Sucandra Didi (01442) 388-977 or 07967 411265

Click for a map: Grove Hill Community Centre

Directions: M1 Junction 8 to A414, to 2nd roundabout to A4147 North (right turn), to Aycliffe Drive (turning right – see map above for the zigzaggy roundabout system) then proceed to the shopping centre - the hall is just behind the Tesco's. Parking is also by the Centre instead of the public lot in the shopping centre.

July 3rd Watford (Saturday)

Evening programme at the Leavesden Green Community Centre 6:00 to 10:00 PM
Clarke Green (off Clarke Way)
Herts. WC25 0BW

Contact Jagatam Didi (01923) 242-552

Click for a map: Leavesden Green Community Centre

Directions: Click here for a larger map showing the M25 & M1, which are on either side of the area. The Centre is just off the A41.

July 4th East Ham, London (Sunday)

Evening programme at the Sri Gangamata Gaudiya Math 4:00 to 9:00
11 Beverley Road
East Ham
London E6 3LH

Contact Kamala Didi (0208) 552-3810

Click for a map: Sri Gangamata Gaudiya Math

Directions: M25 to M11 South to A406 Circular Road South to A13 (toward the City) to A117 North, left onto Masterman Road and then onto Frinton Road; click on map for details.

July5th & 6th Birmingham (Monday & Tuesday)

Evening & Morning (6th & 7th) programmes at:
Sri Gour Govinda Gaudiya Math 5pm
32 Handsworth Wood Road
Birmingham B20 2DS
(0121) 682-9159

Click for a map: Sri Gour Govinda Gaudiya Math, Birmingham

Morning program on July 6th & 7th at 8am at the Math (6th Srila Gopala Bhatta Gosvami – Disappearance)

July 7th Birmingham

(Rest day with the normal Temple programme of Arati & Class 6 PM)

July 8th Bath (Thursday)
Evening programme at the home of Bhudhara Prabhu 6 PM

216 Blackberry Lane
Limpley Stoke
Bath BA3 6HE

(01225) 723-710

(Parking is limited – ring first)

Directions: M4 to Junction 18, South on A46 to Bath. Take the A4 toward Bath to the A36 South & East to Limpley Stoke.

July 9th Glastonbury (Friday)

Srila Lokanatha Das Gosvami - Disappearance

Evening programme at the 6 PM

July 10th & 11th Birmingham (Saturday & Sunday)

July 10th (Saturday)

Evening programme at:
Sri Gour Govinda Gaudiya Math 5pm
32 Handsworth Wood Road
Birmingham B20 2DS
(0121) 682-9159

Click for a map: Sri Gour Govinda Gaudiya Math, Birmingham

July 11th (Sunday)
Morning programme at 7 AM
Afternoon programme at Sri Gour Govinda Gaudiya Math 4 PM
32 Handsworth Wood Road
Birmingham B20 2DS
(0121) 682-9159

Click for a map: Sri Gour Govinda Gaudiya Math, Birmingham

July 12th (Monday)

More programmes possible if onward plans change. TBA


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