London Harinam on June 30, 2007


All Glories to Sri Guru and Gouranga!
All Glories to Sri Radha Vinoda Bihari!

Dandavat Pranam,

Maharajah's, Prabhu's and Didi's,

Please join us for our next big harinam in central London Saturday June 30th 5 pm beginning outside the Covent Garden Tube Station.

Meet the world renowned devotional painter 'Lady Syamarani' same evening at a public programme 7-10 pm at the Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley Street, Holborn, London.

Please grace us with your presence for the pleasure of Guru and Gouranga!

Sincerely aspiring for the service of Vaisnavas,

Indupati das

© Syamarani dasi

Loving Devotion

hare kṛṣṇa hare kṛṣṇa
kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa hare hare
hare rāma hare rāma
rāma rāma hare hare