Sripad BV Aranya, Sripad BV Bhaktisar, and Sripad BV Sajjan

By Chaitanya Charitamrta dasa and Lalita dasi

We humbly invite all eager bumblebee-like devotees to congregate at our Washington Lake Retreat Center for sweet Krishna Katha given by three Bhaktivedantas (traveling sannyasis) - Sripad BV Aranya, Sripad BV Bhaktisar and Sripad BV Sajjana Maharajas – starting on Friday, May 28th at 5 PM and concluding on Monday, May 31st at 1 PM.

Because it is Memorial Day weekend, we can only guarantee six of the motel rooms, twenty annex rooms and a four bedroom house. We would like to offer the facility free of charge to all devotees who want to come, if they will organise a volunteer group for cooking and a kitty for donations towards the bhoga, gas and utilities.

If an advance party could come and help set up - and stay after to clean up - the premises, it would be very helpful because Lalita dasi and myself are getting old and useless and we do not want devotees to be upset about any unintended negligence on our part. (HINT: The Maharajas will be arriving early on Thursday, May 27th and departing early on Wednesday, June 2nd if you want to volunteer for setup and cleanup and get some extra association.)

For directions and more information, please go to our website and our recent mention on VNN . The closest major international airport is Newark, New Jersey (across the river from New York City). For guaranteeing your reservation, please email me, Chaitanya Charitamrita dasa, at , with a copy to Sripad BV Bhaktisar at .

Thank you for considering our humble invitation.

Chaitanya Charitamrita dasa and Lalita dasi