For the kind attention of all the devotees:

Please accept my dandavats pranams and receive heartly blessings from Srila Gurudeva. All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga and all glories to Sri Sri Radha Vinode Bihariji.

Please know that Srila Gurudeva is conducting his daily routine as usual. In the morning he is walking and during the day he is writing and engaged in many other responsibilities.

There is one thing I wish to inform you about and is most important for all of us. Three days ago Srila Gurudeva went for his yearly medical check up in St. Luke's heart clinic in Houston. The doctor who conducts the check up is one of the best in the world and he diagnosed a slight irregularity in Srila Gurudeva’s heart condition. Upon his advice and after consulting with experts in both allopathic and naturopathic heart care, Srila Gurudeva will undergo another test on Monday and if needed a cure for the problem will take place either by adjusting the medicines or angioplasty. Of course we all want the best solution. In either case Srila Gurudeva will need to stay for some time in Houston for observation and rest. Because of this we are obliged to postpone our travel program for two weeks. The festival in North Carolina will be conducted by all the sannyasis that are present there. Srila Gurudeva will come to Italy in time for the festival. Please do not be worried for this

On behalf of Srila Gurudeva I am humbly requesting that no one comes to Houston to see or meet with Srila Gurudeva because the doctor’s advice is that rest is best under the present circumstances.

I will keep all of you informed in regard to Srila Gurudeva’s physical health by next week Tuesday the 8th of June.

Thank you for your understanding, your prayers, your well wishes and your kind cooperation.

Aspiring for the service of Sri Guru and Vaisnavas

Brajanath das