Update added 9 April 2005 :

BHAKTI-Holland kindly requests all the honourable guests of The Way of Love festival 2005 to email us their flight information, so we can make the necessary arrangements for the transportation from the airport to the festival-location. Please send the information to:

Due to the arrangements we are obliged to make regarding the security for The Way of Love festival 2005, only registered guests will be able to enter the festivalterrain. Registered guests will receive a wristband which they will have to wear every day in order to get entrance to the festivalterrain. This means that people who did not make a reservation will not receive a wristband and ultimately will not be able to enter the festivalterrain. So please make your reservation before coming!!! There are still a limited amount of chalets and campingspots available.

Devotees who want to hire a stand to sell/offer their products/services can contact BHAKTI-Holland by sending an email to .

We also request everyone who likes/wants to do something with dance and drama or have other entertainment skills, to contact us.
For more details visit The Way of Love Festival (Holland) July 8th-15th 2005 page