boro sukher khabor gai! boro sukher khabor gai! I am singing good news, the happy news! By the mercy and inspiration of Srila Gurudeva and Nityananda Prabhu the storehouse of transcendental literatures is now open to all, for trading.  Now it is easier and more affordable, than ever before, to purchase and distribute Srila Gurudeva’s books, which are being made available at cost price. No overhead expenses  such as editorial, art, layout, design, translation or other publishing expenses – are added.  Gurudev is so eager that book distribution, should be made as easy as possible, that he is even subsidizing the overhead cost, so that all devotees may be able to become active distributors.  Gurudev is freely opening up the storehouse of love of God.
How?  A new book distribution program is being launched, so that: Anyone with a $100 (min. quantity order) can obtain Srila Gurudeva’s books at the lowest wholesale print-cost price.  Buying $100.00 worth of books gets you $200-$250 (wholesale value) & $400-$500 (retail value). This is practically a give away. You do not need to buy case lots, only a very small quantity of any given title (3,5 or 10) to distribute to your friends, family, and the general public.  Easy pre-packed assortments are available, or you can pick and chose your own assortment.  We will ship to you within 7 days from your local Regional Distributor or from the central warehouse in Martinez, CA. 
Srila Gurudeva has painstakingly spent many years translating and commenting on the books of our rupanuga vaisnava acaryas.  So many books are available now, and more are coming all the time.  Anyone who helps in this endeavor to distribute the books of Shrila Gurudev and Srila Prabhupada, will surely be blessed to progress in their bhakti.. By helping so many souls connect with Krsna and His pure devotees, we can at least attempt to repay our infinite debt to Shri Guru.  Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, to reciprocate with Shrila Gurudevs causeless mercy, and show him by your powerful use of free will, how much you appreciate, his tireless endeavors in giving us so much transcendental knowledge.  Let us all work together to break down the dam of Kali, and disperse the nectarian waves of Hari Katha through Shastra seva.  Call today and become a broker in the marketplace of transcendental literature. Spread the word.  boro sukher khabor gai! boro sukher khabor gai!
On June 1st, for the first time, we will have Srila Gurudeva’s Hindi titles and Spanish titles available for distribution in the West! Some of the Hindi titles that are arriving are: Ujjvalla Nilamani, Bhajan Rahasya, Gaudiya Giti Guccha, Jaiva Dharma and 17 other Hindi titles. Some of the Spanish titles that are arriving are Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Way of Love, Beyond Liberation, and others. PLUS new English titles are arriving like the Gita Govinda’s, Navadwip Parikram, Our Srila Prabhupada by Mulaprakrti devi dasi, Shiva Tattva, Way of Love, and many more titles.
Please click the link below, Or: call Vishwambhara prabhu 510-708-3886, or e-mail for the order forms and list of available titles or for any other inquiries.