Join us on a journey into the spiritual science of pure love and devotion (bhakti-yoga) at a pristine seaside retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. For over 50 years Swami B. V. Narayana Maharaja (Srila Gurudeva) has spellbound audiences with his life changing insights and his contagious love. It has been accurately said, "An evening with Srila Gurudeva is like stepping out of a world of DIStraction and into a world of ATtraction, attraction to God." The best-known living representative of an unbroken legacy tracing back to India's most ancient saints and sages, Srila Gurudeva is on his 12th world tour and will be on the Big Island for one week only.
Srila Gurudeva will lead classes nightly from 5:00 to 7:00, January 25th through January 31st. These evening festivities will include drama presentations, musical entertainment, ( by world famous musicians) dancing, and a delicious banquet for all. The days will also be packed with informal visits with Srila Gurudeva, classes and discussions, art and workshops, dance performances, swimming and nature trips building up to the main evening events.

Please see the Hilo Hawaii Festival page for an important update on room pricing and availability:

2006 Hawaii Festival and Srila Gurudeva's 85th Vyasa Puja Celebration, Hilo Hawaii, January 25-31 2006