Sri sri guru gaurangau jayatah!
Govardhan, India
by Krsna-karunya das


It is said that when the water level of Sri Radha Kund and Sri Syama Kund rise so high that both kundas overflow and combine together as one, then Sri Gaura Kunda becomes manifest. This week, we are very fortunate that such rare occasion has occurred and everyone now has the chance to get the darshan of Sri Gaura Kunda here in Govardhan.

Since last month, water level of the different kundas in Vraja has been rising up. Usually most kundas in Vraja are either half-filled if not dried up. However, at this time of the year, we see how they are becoming full and some of them overflowing. Manasi Ganga in the middle of Govardhan was dried empty just a few months ago. Now it is flooding the Mukharavinda Temple (see pictures). Sankarshan Kunda overflowed to the parikrama road while Govinda Kunda and Kusum Sarovar are now full and fresh. Yamuna River as we already know have flooded and washed all her ghats clean last week.


Similarly, the sacred water of Sri Radha Kunda and Sri Syama Kunda has been gradually rising up. And although this week, the water level of Yamuna and some of the kundas are now again slowly going down, Sri Radha Kunda still continue to rise up. Just yesterday, her water has now overflowed and mixed with Sri Syama Kunda. The Sangam, the middle bridge of the two holy Kundas are now gradually becoming submerged, removing their separation and manifesting their combined form as Sri Gaura Kunda.


So those who have the fortune to come to Sri Govardhan can now have this rare and beautiful darshan of Sri Gaura Kunda and pray that just as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the combined manifestation of Sri Radha and Krsna had come to this world to relish Sri Radha's ecstatic moods and at the same time to distribute generously to all the bhakti-rasa or mellows of devotional service especially the service to the Divine couple as Sri Radha's maidservant, now Sri Gaura Kund has again come and may its purifying waters bless us by washing away all our anarthas and aparadhas and filling our hearts only with the bhakti rasa that is flowing from the hearts of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna and Their associates. Remembering and taking the feet dusts of our Rupanuga Acharyas especially our Srila Gurudeva, who are the distributors and the living channel of this bhakti rasa, let us take this rare opportunity to pray to Sri Gaura Kunda for only one thing – Sri Radha-dasyam.



For those unable to physically come to Govardhan and have darshan of Sri Gaura Kunda, you can visit this link  to Sri Radha Kunda Gallery page and see more photos of Sri Radha Kunda and now Sri Gaura Kunda. I will continue to update the gallery with more photos. I have marked all my photos with the copyleft license (using Creative commons-attribution-share-alike) which means that everyone is free to copy, distribute and use the photos however they like, even commercially, provided proper attribution/credit is there and whatever derivative works one makes from these photos will have to be shared in the same way. Gaur Premanande! Haribol!.

Mukharavinda temple flooded