Some Western devotees in Vrindavan have been going to Dr. Munish Bhagirath, DDS, in Delhi for their dental care. I heard that he was Gurudeva's dentist and so also went myself. Dr. Bhagirath has much affection for Gurudeva and has been visiting him regularly at the math in Delhi.  He also came to Govardhan during Kartik 2010 to take care of his dental needs.

When I left my job in the US, my dental insurance became nil. I asked my dentist who was the head of the local American Dental Association in the San Francisco Bay area what to look for in a dentist in India. He said he saw a lot of patients coming from India so he was experienced with the quality of dental work migrating into his office. He was also recently invited on teaching trip to India as a guest lecturer.

His advice was to look for a dentist trained in Germany or UK as they are the best. I lucked out because Dr. Bhagirath was trained in Germany and has German dental equipment in his office which looked better than what my top notch American dentist had.

My experience was pleasant. He is very professional and gentle person and I see how Gurudeva captured his heart. I have been serval times over the past 3 years and have recieved excellent care.

His office is in Neru Place area of Delhi. From Vrindavan I would arrange a taxi and coordinate appointments with a couple of other devotees to share the taxi expense. So it is a day trip to Delhi which can be used to do other things also.

If you are flying into Delhi you can make an appointment via email ahead of time ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and stay at the Janakpuri Sri Ramana-vihari Gaudiya Matha , +91 011-2553-3568 or +91 011-3230-2159 , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can take the bus or metro to his office. Once at the matha just walk across the park in front of the math towards the Agrawal sweet shop, and catch bus #724 to Neru Place. There are red and green buses. I suggest waiting for a red one because they have AC and thus keep the windows shut. Cost is 30 rupees, no transfer necessary. The bus travel time is about an hour. Ask to get off at the Neru Place Flyover at the Outer-Ring Road, Chitranjan Park, and then take a right on that road, walking about eighth of a mile. His office is on the left side opposite of Neru Apartments cross road ISU Darshan Munjal Road. I haven't taken the metro as a transfer is involved and I like the simplicity of just getting on and off one bus.

Other devotes found a lady dentist closer to the Janakpuri matha. After having comparing experiences with them, I decided I would rather the extra travel to see Dr. Munish Bhagirath.

Paramount Dental Care
Dr. Munish Bhagirath
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
L-6, Outer Ring Rd, Chitranjan Park, Delhi - 110019
Phone No.: 011-26271330, 26274256