A good place to stay in Delhi is our Sri Raman Vihari Gaudiya Math, where you can rest after your flight and get your bearings. The temple is located about 35 minutes by car from the airport and is only 10 minutes by bicycle rickshaw from the metro station. A taxi should cost you no more than Rs 350. The devotees at the Matha are very hospitable and the rooms very neat and clean. There you will get pure vegetarian prasadam meals and a beautiful darsana of Sri Sri Radha-Raman Bihariji.

Sri Raman Bihari Gaudiya Math
Address: B-3 Block, Janakpuri, Near Musical Fountain Park, New Delhi, Ph: 011-2553.3568
Manager: Ramacandra das, Mob. +91 98.1019.2540 / +91 98.7157.7354
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Non-AC rooms: Rs. 600 (2 beds + western toilet, hot water)
AC rooms: Rs. 1000 (2 beds + Western toilet, hot water)
Hall + bedding: Rs. 200 per person
During Kartika time ( 1st Oct - 15th Nov) a discount will be given to the devotees.

There are many hotels in Delhi. Many devotees like to stay in Paharganj, which is located in Central New Delhi and near the train station. Paharganj is popular with Western tourists. For more info you can google ‘Hotels in New Delhi Paharganj’ and you’ll get a whole list of hotels in that area.

The metro in Delhi is very modern, clean and has AC. It brings you to the most important places in Delhi in no time and for very low cost. By taking it, you will be spared pollution and traffic jams.

Some devotees may decide to visit Vrindavan during their visit to India for Navadvipa parikrama, so the information for traveling to Mathura or Vrindavan may be useful. Otherwise a trip to Navadvipa will require an onward internal flight or train. Due to the high cost of flights, most devotees will be traveling by train to Navadvipa.

Taxis to Vrindavan can be pre-booked by calling a taxi company in Vrindavan, or e-mail Mani-mati dasi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They will arrange your transportation from Delhi to Vrindavan. This is highly recommended for first-timers, ladies travelling alone, or anytime you have a lot of baggage. These are the recommended companies, in no particular order:

Sri Ji tour & travel, Vrindavan
Office +91 (0)565 244.2980
Mob. +91 975.946.1189

Gopal Prasad Taxi service, Vrindavan
Mob. +91 94.1222.6793
Res. +91 (0)565 244.4168

Dinesh Taxi service, Vrindavan
Office: +91 0565 254.0523
Mob. +91 983.778.7723
Res. +91 (0)565 244.3429

    Please see taxi rates page for latest phone numbers and rates.

    The time difference to India is GMT + 5.30 Hours all year long. Fix the price when you call. The last time I went it was Rs 1800, but that fluctuates a bit according to the season and government price for diesel. Make sure to give your name and flight details and have them read them back to you.

    Arriving at the New Delhi airport can be disorienting for the first-time visitor. There are the immigration, baggage claim and customs formalities to deal with. Though tedious, this is not normally a problem.