Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja leads the devotees in worship at Sri Radha Kunda.

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Under the guidance and leadership of Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja, the Bhaktivedanta Trust International and their well wishers are attempting to restore, renovate and beautify many of the Holy Places in Vraja Mandala, these places are in disrepair and will undoubtedly be lost to us.

The Following projects are aimed at helping to preserve the heritage of Vraja for future generations.

1) The first project was to rebuild the holy ashram of Sri Durvasa Muni, situated on the bank of the river Yamuna, opposite to Mathura City. Fully restored, this is a magnificent temple and ashram with guest facilities. With it is a goshalla and agricultural land, and thus this temple is supplying most of the daily needs of all of its residents.

2) On the Vrindavana parikrama path, just after Imlitala, the construction of a large compound in traditional Vrindaban ghat style has been active for a period of 6 years. This magnificent structure must be seen to be fully appreciated. It was conceived of as an ashram and is now named Gopinath Bhavan. Before the construction began there was only a dilapidated mansion and temple. Hidden inside was the old deteriorated temple of Ganga Devi that has now been restored along with the puja. The same standard of stone carving for the new building was maintained and the original Chhatris will be completely restored. This is a present day reminder of how Vrindaban used to be. Many devotees from all over the world reside here. It is an idealistic environment for doing bhajan, especially during the last stage of life.

3) Two kundas are now being restored: Sri Brahma Kunda situated at the base of Sri Govardhana, below the temple of Hari Deva, beside Manasa Devi Mandir near the pond of Manasi Ganga. Brahma Kunda is a very ancient and holy tirtha that has been glorified by Srila Vyasadeva in the Puranas. It commemorates the Brahma vimohan lila where Lord Brahma and other demi-gods performed Abhiseka of Sri Krsna. At that moment in time, they recited all the appropriate mantras from the Sama Veda to Him. From the water of the Abhiseka, this kunda was manifest. Anyone performing pious acts here will receive imperishable results.

4) Uddhava Kyari, known also as Kadamba Kyari or Visakha Kunda is situated a short distance, south-east from Nandishwara Hill at the village of Nanda Grama. Here Visakha Devi used to arrange the meeting of Radha-Krsna for the performance of Rasa lila. Radha and Krsna enjoyed many playful pastimes in the clear and fragrant waters of Visakha Kunda. At that place Uddhavaji met the gopis to deliver Krsna’s message to them as described in the 10th Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam. This pastime place is filled with the rasa of meeting with Krsna, as well as with the rasa of the highest degree of separation from Him. The life of a sadhaka becomes successful by taking darshan of and by just touching sacred place.

5) The holy place of Bandiravana where the pastime of Radha and Krsna enjoying the play pastime of the Gandharva Marriage. This has also been restored and beautified.

6) Two years ago, the project of saving the kundas around Sri Govardhana Hill was launched at Radha Kunda with the participation of the village committee. This project was possible thanks to the collaboration of the German company Plocher Energy System who donated the Plocher apparatus. This System acts as a natural catalyst regenerating the water by stimulation of the innate purification capacity of the water itself. In the last decade there has been a growing awareness of the existence of energy forms other than the commercially advertised ones of electricity, magnetism, radioactivity and chemical and thermal energy. It is one of the those alternative forms of energies that are utilized in this Energy System. It appears omnipresent in nature. It belongs in the faculty of theoretical physics or philosophy rather than in the exact sciences. The energy itself is assumed to have a minute wavelength that can not be measured by instruments currently available. However the results derived from its practical application can be measured, quantified and replicated. The System works like a photocopier or a laser print where this fine energy is concentrated by an apparatus and used to copy or imprint the attributes of one or more substances. It acts as an accumulator and emitter of the concentrated energy and a transferor of information. This system has been used successfully in numerous lakes and ponds in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. Two years ago when we started the program, the water of Radha and Syama-Kundas were considered dead water. The symptom is that green particles of algae were all pervading. Only a few dedicated souls were still doing ‘acamana’. We immersed two machines and spread quartz powder, containing the information for oxygen, in the kundas every week for two months. After six months, the water of the kundas became re-energised and the green particles disappeared. Brijabasis were happy to do acamana again. Unfortunately similar problems still exist since every year millions of pilgrims are worshipping these kundas with many different substances, like milk, yogurt, flowers, etc, and are bathing in the holy kundas while using oils, toxic detergents and commercial soaps…

7) The spiritual and material restoration of the Yavat temple was completed by the time of the Holi festival in March 2003. The Deities of Sri Sri Radha Krsna were reinstalled on their altar (instead of Durga devi). The courtyard can now accommodate hundreds of devotees and there are other new facilities for the sevaites.

8) We also installed purification devices in the holy waters of Manasi Ganga in October 2003, and we installed two similar ones in Govinda Kunda in spring 2004. But unfortunately we are still encountering the same set backs we faced in Radha Kunda.

9) Accordingly, we decided to operate and concentrate our seva in Govinda Kunda. We had a meeting with the residents there and in order to stop them from using the holy kunda as a washing tank, we will build a water tank so the local villagers can get water in their houses for washing. This is the first step in the Education Process. We are hopeful that we can, at that point, convince them not to desecrate these sacred waters.

10) The restoration and renovation of Surabhi Kunda will be completed in the near future. Devotees have already begun to appreciate the beautiful architecture and the holy waters surrounded by green scenery.

11) We also plan to install huge billboards every mile around Govardhana Hill to remind the pilgrims of their responsibilities and duties as sevakas, to stop using plastics and other chemical substances within the proximity of Vraja.

12) In the near future, we hope to contribute something substantial, in direct co-operation with the Plocher Company in the purification and renovation of the vast number of kundas in Vraja (perhaps 1000). In order to achieve this lofty objective, the entire ecological system surrounding these areas must be taken into consideration, thereby achieving a balanced condition. We are very interested to collaborate with members of the different groups already existing (like within the W.V.A.) who exhibit the same purpose, direction and objectives. These objectives are to save the ecological surrounding, the historical places and the spiritual precepts of Vraja Mandala.

You can visit us on our Website www.bhakti (Vraja Kunds Water Purfication Projects. Please, be so kind and contribute to this important service.


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