Dear Devotees,

Sri Guru Gaurangau Jayata! Jaya Jaya Gurudeva! Jaya Jaya Prabhupada!

We would like to inform you of the first USA Tour of Goloka.

The purpose of Goloka is to engage and train the youth in active Guruseva, preaching and becoming Krsna Conscious. A team of youth dedicated to Guruseva have designed Goloka, to help the individual to flourish in Bhakti and develop to ones greatest potential. In other words, "becoming qualified" like Srila Gurudeva always instructs.

We aim in making each member of Goloka into an enthusiastic preacher capable of assisting Srila Gurudeva in His mission in any
way.  One of  Goloka's main focuses is book distribution, helping those who are not devotees yet. We are also going to keep the
Goloka tour fun!

Some of the training offered to Goloka members is:

  • Vaishnava Sadachar (etiquette)

  • Book distribution.

  • Speaking Hari Katha (for all audiences)

  • Kirtana

  • Mridanga

  • Cooking

  • Slokas (for preaching and for ones own bhajana)

  • General life skills

  • Having fun (in Bhakti of course)

    If you would like to participate in this project, please help us in any of the following ways:

                 1. Join Goloka and be immersed in transcendental

                 2. Invite the Goloka team to your house for a
                 program or host the Goloka  fteam.

                 3. Give helpful advice.

                 4. Sponsor Goloka books, gas, bhoga or a Van.

                 5. Know someone who would like to join Goloka 
                 or know someone who would like to host us or have a
                 program in there house.

     Or, just ask some questions, please contact Jivapriya Das Brahmachari:

Goloka's  intended US Tour for 2006-2007 is:

 16 Nov-15 Dec Eugene Oregon

 15-22 Dec Sacramento/Davis California

 22-29 Dec Santa Cruz CA

 29 Dec-10 Jan San Francisco/Bay Area

 10-22 Jan Hawaii (Gurudevas festival Hari bol!!!!)

 23-30 Jan Los Angeles

 31 Jan-7 Feb San Bernardino

 7-14 Jan San Diego

 Gaura Purneema India (Hari bol!!!!)

 All of the above dates are intended. Goloka is a very flexible
 party so the dates will probably change.

 If you want to invite us please let us know and we will let you know
 if we are able to come even if you are not in the places mentioned above.

 Hare Krsna!!!

 Your servants,

 The Goloka Team

 Jaya Gurudeva!!!!