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All Glories to Sri Sri Guru & Gauranga!

“Think of Vrindavana with love. Roll in its dust. Love it ardently. Please its moving and non-moving residents. Worship Sri Radha’s birthplace. With all your heart take shelter of Sri Vrindavana, the best of all holy places.”

“May my eyes become overwhelmed with ecstasy by seeing the nectar waves of Vrindavana's beauty. May my intelligence drown in the nectar ocean of Vrindavana's glories. May my body become agitated by the swiftly moving currents of ecstatic bliss and thus roll about on the ground of Vrindavana. Falling down like a stick, may I offer my respectful obeisances to all the residents of Vrindavana.”

“Whose heart would not be enchanted by Vrindavana where Sri Radhika Madana-mohana enjoy many pastimes, where there are many trees and flowering vines, where the ground is paved with jewels, and where the birds, deer and other animals are all maddened with transcendental bliss.”
Sri Vrindavana mahimamrita (Sataka 1, verse 5, 14 and 19)



Dear All,

To fulfill the wish of our beloved guide and well-wisher nitya-lila om visnupada Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayaṇa Gosvami Maharaja, we cordially invite you for Sri Vraja-mandala parikrama 2019.

On October 28, 2002, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaja explained about the significance of this Kartika month and Damodara vrata. He said that this month is called the month of Damodara; Damodara is He whose belly was bound by the rope of Mother Yasoda. He was not actually bound by a rope, however; He was bound by prema, by pure vatsalya-bhava (parental love). Krishna is anadi; He has no beginning. And He is ananta; He has no end. Still, although He is Param-brahma, that unlimited beginning-less and endless Supreme Lord can be bound and trapped by prema. Therefore this month is called Damodara vrata, and those who observe it will attain the prema by which they can bind Parambrahma, the Supreme Lord. Those who can observe this vrata are very fortunate.

This month is also called Urja vrata. Urja means sakti, and it specifically refers to Krishna's internal potency, antaranga sakti – Srimati Radhika. Urja vrata actually means Radha vrata, a vow taken for the happiness of Srimati Radhika. If one hears Her glorification in this month, the fruit will come in the form of gopi-prema.

This month is also called Kartika. The adhistatri-devata, predominating deity, of Kartika month is Kirtika-kumari, the young daughter of Kirtika, Srimati Radhika. Those who honor this month, of which Radhika is the predominating deity, by going to the pastime places of Krishna, will certainly, without any doubt at all, have all their desires completely fulfilled. They will attain Yugala-seva, service of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna in the anugatya (guidance) of the Vraja gopis.


This year’s parikrama will be inaugurated on October 13th, with the devotees observing sankalpa, or a vow to ensure the success of our parikrama, on the bank of Yamuna near Gopinatha Bhavan, Vrindavana. After this we will begin our Sri Vraja-mandala parikrama, a pilgrimage to all the incomparably beautiful places in Vraja. Our pilgrimage will be completed on November 12th.

Parikrama Festivals

On certain days throughout Kartika month, we will observe the divine appearance and disappearance days of our acaryas. These days will be celebrated with kirtana and hari-katha, given in both Hindi and English, and delicious maha-prasadam will be served.

Govardhana puja (worship of Govardhana Hill) and go-puja (worship of our mother cow) will be celebrated on October 29th. In an endeavor to please Sri Giriraja and our Sri Guru-varga we will offer Giriraja Govardhana an abundance of delicious preparations for Annakuta Maha Mahotsava. For this festive occasion you are welcome to bring your own ingredients to prepare an offering for Giriraja Govardhana. If you are unsure about what you can offer, we suggest dried fruits, nuts, candies and other such items. Freshly cooked milk sweets may be easily purchased in Govardhana town. Donations are also very much welcome.

Parikrama Locations

From October 13th till the morning of October 25th all hari-katha, kirtanas and maha-prasadam will be held in Gopinatha Bhavan, Vrindavana, which is located on the parikrama marga (path) on the bank of Yamuna, next to Imli-tala, Seva Kunja. From October 25th till November 12th we will stay at Govardhana, at Sri Giridhari Gaudiya Matha, which is near the bus stand on the road to Radha-kunda.


To register for this festival, upon arrival in Vrindavana or Govardhan, submit a completed Participation Form + a copy of the picture page of your passport, your visa page + a passport photograph and give your contribution (in rupees, dollars, UK pounds or euros) to Sundar Gopal dasa and Ajit Krishna dasa. In Vrindavana they will be at the registration table in the courtyard of Gopinath Bhavan and later on in Govardhan in front of the temple building at Sri Giridhari Gaudiya Math. Also there they will connect you with the devotees responsible for accommodating you in rooms inside or outside the temple complex.


A minimum contribution of Indian Rs.13.000 per person is requested in order to cover the most basic expenses of the month long festival. This payment covers prasadam, bus travel, as well as electricity, water, the sound system, a generator, the payment of various workers, cleaning costs and so forth. This contribution is therefore a service, not just a payment, and it is genuinely needed.



If you like to stay in a dharmasalas (simple lodgings for pilgrims, included in the festival fee), contact Vrinda-devi dasi. These dharmasalas are located near Gopinath Bhavan, where there is facility to set up your sleeping mat and mosquito net in a hall or big room. At the Math at Govardhan there is also facility for tents.

Room rental

Vrindavana: Rooms are available for rent in nearby guesthouses and in the houses of the local residents. The average charge is about 600-800 rupees per room per day, depending on the facility offered. For more details contact Mani-mati dasi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., WhatsApp: +91 9897990125

Govardhan: Near our Giridhari Gaudiya Math rooms are available at different rates. For booking (before Sept 20th) contact Vrinda-devi dasi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; mobile: +91-955.772.7768; WhatsApp: +91-95.6091.1958 or Ajit Krishna das, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To arrange a taxi to pick you up from the airport or to take you to and from other places, you can you can contact Mani-mati dasi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., WhatsApp: +91-761.749.7080

or refer to our website taxi page.

Devotees are advised not to travel and arrive in Vrindavana during midnight hours; try to reach Vrindavana before 21:30 pm or after 4:30 am.

For more details about traveling to the Dham, how to maintain good health during your visit, and other practicalities, please visit our website page, Traveling to India.

Kitchen Seva
Sriman Pradyumna Babaji Maharaja & Sripad Bhaktivedanta Sridhara Maharaja

Over-all management :
Sripad Bhaktivedanta Tirtha Maharaja: +91 91.6308.9991

Sripad Bhaktivedanta Madhava Maharaja: +91 881.2820.0676

Sripad Bhaktivedanta Narsingha Maharaja: +91 97.1907.0939

Schedule:  Download Link

Sri Vraja-mandala Parikrama 2019
Under the guidance of Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja
Sri Gopinatha Bhavan, Vrindavana, Tel: +91 96.3456.3739
Sri Rupa Sanatana Gaudiya Matha, Vrindavana, Tel: +91 74.5783.9654
Sri Giridhari Gaudiya Matha, Govardhana, Tel: 0565-281.5668
Srila BV Tirtha Maharaja: +91 6308.9991; Sripad BV Madhava Maharaj; 81.2820.0676; Sripad BV Narsingha Maharaj: 97.1907.0939


Oct. 11, Fri.

Darsana of Sri Durvasa Rsi Gaudiya Asrama. Hari-katha and prasadam in Vrindavana at Gopinatha Bhavana from 12nd Oct. till 25th Oct.

Oct. 12, Sat.

Hari-katha and rest.

Oct. 13, Sun.

(Vrindavana) Sri Sarad Purnima. Kartika-vrata begins. Sankalpa (vow) for the parikrama at Kesi-ghata in Vrindavana. Sri Srimad Bhakti Prajnana Kesava Gosvami Maharaja 51st disappearance festival.

Oct. 14, Mon.

Kaliya-daha, Srila Prabhodananda Sarasvati’s bhajana-kutira and samadhi, Srila Sanatana Gosvami’s bhajana-kutira and samadhi, Sri Madana-mohana Temple, Dana-gali.

Oct. 15, Tue.

BY BUS (from  Vrindavana)  to  Madhuvana,  Talavan, Kumudvana.

Oct. 16, Wed.

Seva-kunja, Sri Radha-Damodara Temple, Imlitala, Srngara-vata.

Oct. 17, Thu.

BY BUS (from Vrindavana) to Bhatrol, Akrura-ghata, the place of the Yajna-patnis. Mana-sarovara, Vamsivat, Mathavana, Bhadravana, Bhandiravana.

Oct. 18, Fri.

BY BUS (from Vrindavana) to Dauji, Brahmanda-ghata, Mahavana-Gokula, Raval.

Oct. 19, Sat.

Nidhuvana, temples of Sri Radha-Ramana, Sri Radha-Gokulananda, Sri Radha-Gopinatha.

Oct. 20, Sun.

Dhira-samira, Gopesvara Mahadeva, Vamsi-vata, Brahma Kunda, Sri Govindadeva Temple.

Oct. 21, Mo.

(App. of Sri Radhakunda and Syamakunda. Bahulastami) BY BUS (from Vrindavana) to Khelanvana, Rama-ghata, Viharavana, Cira-ghata (prasadam), Vatsavana, Garuda-Govinda.

Oct. 22, Tue.

Pujyapada Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Maharaja’s appearance festival. Remembering Sriman Gopinath prabhu.Visiting Sri Jharu-mandal, Sri Radha-Syamasundara.

Oct. 23, We.

Baelvana darshan.

Oct. 24, Thu.

Ekadasi. Sri Vrindavana parikrama.

Oct. 25, Fri.

BY BUS Departure from Vrindavana to Govardhana via Bahulavana, Paitha (prasadam) and Candra-sarovara. Hari-katha and prasadam in Govardhana at Sri Giridhari Gaudiya Matha till 12 Nov.

Oct. 26, Sat.

Govardhana big parikrama: Dana-ghati, Anyora, Govinda kunda, Punchari, Surabhi-kunda (prasadam), Jatipura.

Oct. 27, Sun.

Sri Hari-deva Temple, Brahma-kunda, Cakalesvara Mahadeva, Mukharavinda, Sri Sanatana Gosvami’s bhajana-kutira, etc.

Oct. 28, Mon.

Radha-kunda parikrama: Uddhava-kunda, Kusuma-sarovara etc. Prasadam at Sri Giridhari Gaudiya Matha. Dipavali, festival of lights at Manasa Ganga.

Oct. 29, Tue.

Govardhana Puja, annakuta festival, worship of Govardhan Hill. Go Puja and Go Krda - worship and decorating cows. Bhaijaduja (Yamaraja’s blessings on brothers and sisters).

Oct. 30 We.

Srila Bhaktivedanta Vamana Maharaja’s and Srila Bhaktivedanta Trivikrama Maharaja’s disappearance festival. Hari-katha and rest.

Oct. 31, Thu.

Srila Bhaktivedanta Svami Maharaja’s disappearance festival. Hari-katha and rest.

Nov. 1, Fri.

Srila  Bhakti  Srirupa  Siddhanti  Gosvami  Maharaja’s appearance festival. Hari-katha and rest.

Nov. 2, Sat.

BY BUS to Dig, Bhojana-thali (breakfast prasadam), Pichala-pahadi (slide-hill), Vyomasura’s cave, Carana-pahadi, Vrinda-devi and Kamesvara Mahadeva, Bimala-kunda (lunch prasadam), Adi-badrinath.

Nov. 3, Sun.

Hari-katha and rest at Giridhari Gaudiya Matha, Govardhana.

Nov. 4, Mon.

(Gopastami) BY BUS to Nandagrama via Ter-kadamba, Asisesvar Mahadeva, Choti Carana-pahadi, Pavana-sarovara, Nanda-bhavana, Lalita-kunda, Uddhava-kyari (prasadam), Nandakhirak (Nanda-baba’s goshala), Sanket, Prema-sarovara,.

Nov. 5, Tue.

Killola-kunda, Gvala-pokhara (prasadam), Syama-talaiya, Ratna-vedi, Carana-cihna, Narada-kunda.

Nov. 6, Wed.

Hari-katha and rest at Giridhari Gaudiya Matha, Govardhana.

Nov. 7, Thu.

BY BUS to Varsana. Sankiri Khora, Cikasauli, Gahvaravana parikrama, Vilasa-gharha, Mana-garha, Dana-garha, Mor-kuti (breakfast prasadam), Sriji Temple, Varsana. Pili-pokhara, Uchagaon (prasadam), Sakhigiri-parvata, Suryakunda.

Nov. 8, Fri.

Ekadasi. Srila Gaura-kisora dasa Babaji Maharaja’s disappearance. Bhisma-pancaka. Hari-katha and rest. Diksha ceremony.

Nov. 9, Sat.

BY BUS to Vrindavana. Yearly festival at Ananda-dhama with prasadam and nagara-sankirtana in the evening.

Nov. 10, Sun.

BY BUS to Khadiravana, Javata, Baithana, Carana-pahadi, Kokilavana, (prasadam) (Return to Govardhana)

Nov. 11, Mon

Srila Bhakti Pramoda Puri Gosvami Maharaja’s disappearance festival.

Nov. 12, Tue.

End of Kartika-vrata, Urja-vrata and Caturmasya. Vaisnava homa (honoring Vaisnavas). Yajna.