by Krsna-karunya das brahmacari

For the pleasure of the vaishnavas, I would like to share glimpses of our Ratha Yatra experience here in Sri Jagannath Puri dhama this year. Like last year, our sankirtan party led everyone to a transcendental madness in singing Harinama and the glories of Vraja dhama and Radhika that quickly pulled the Lord’s Chariots away from Dwarka (Jagannath Temple) and back to Sweet Vrindavan-dhama (Gundica Temple). The following are series of web videos that you can also share to others :)

This is the first part of my Ratha-yatra 2011 video series. In this webisode, our sankirtan party leads Sri Balabhadraji’s chariot to the Gundica Temple. We had a non-stop kirtan for about 6 hours in this afternoon and this beginning clip is but a glimpse of the powerful and blissful kirtan experience that pulled Sri Baladeva (Balabhadraji) and the devotees to Sri Vrindavan-dhama (as represented by Gundica Mandir).

This is the second part of my Ratha Yatra 2011 festival videos. In this webisode, our Sankirtan party leads the crowd into an ecstatic congregational singing of God’s Holy Names and glories, to welcome Sri Balabhadraji and Sri Subhadraji’s arrival at Vrindavan (Sri Gundica Temple). Watch and experience a glimpse of such transcendental madness…

This is the third of my Ratha-yatra Festival 2011 video series. In this webisode, our Sankirtan party pulled Lord Jagannath’s Chariot with the congregational chanting of His Names and especially the names of His dearmost Sri Radha. The Jagannath Temple represents Dwarka where Jagannathji Sri Krishna is separated from His most beloved Sri Radhaji and the Vrajavasis. Therefore for Vrajavasis, Ratha Yatra is really a festival to bring Sri Krishna back to Vrindavan which is represented by the Gundica Temple. And to end the pain of separation between Krsna and His beloved Vrajavasis (the inhabitants of Vrindavan) — Sri Nanda Baba, Yasoda Maya, all the gopas, the gopis and especially Sri Radhika, we pull Krishna’s chariot and with Harinama Sankirtan take Him back to Sri Vrindavan-dhama

Here’s some translation of some of the chantings:

swagatam — welcome

Kalia – Black One (Krsna)
Dhalia – White One (Baladev) also means One with Round Eyes (Krsna as Jagannath)

radhe radhe radhe radhe gaate rahena
jaldi jaldi vrindavan me aate rahena.

(continuously singing Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe
quickly quickly come to Vrindavan)

man chalare vrindavan dhama
radhe radhe gayenge
(Oh my heart/mind let’s go to Vrindavan
singing Radharani’s name)

This is the fourth part of my Ratha Yatra 2011 video series. Like last year, our sankirtan party again reminded the Lord of the Universe (Jagannath) of His unparalleled sweet pastimes in Vrndavan. Therefore, quickly He left Dwarka (Jagannath Temple) and reached Vrndavan (Gundica Temple) where everyone welcomed Him in great bliss chanting the glories of Vrndavan and the Holy Names of His dearmost Beloved Sri Radhika.

In the following videos, you can take darshan of Sri Jagannath, Baladev, Subhadra and Sudarshan Chakra as they are brought down from the Chariots to enter the Gundica Temple.

5 July, 2011. This is the third night of the Ratha Yatra Festival. In this first clip of the Pahandi Ceremony, Sudarshan Chakra and Sri Baladevaji entered the Gundica Temple. Take a close darshan of Lord Baladev and His very big smile as He is brought down His chariot and like intoxicated, He rocked His way to the entrance of the Gundica Temple. Especially for foreigners who are not allowed to enter into both the Jagannath Temple and the Gundica Temple, this Festival of Ratha yatra is the only opportunity to get this rare darshan.

5 July 2011. This is the second clip of the Pahandi Ceremony which took place outside the Gundica Temple on the third night of the Ratha Yatra Festival. Here you can witness Yogamaya Devi Sri Subhadraji brought down from her chariot by the Dayita-patis and as if floating, she quickly enters Vrindavan (Gundica Temple) after giving her loving glance to the assembled devotees.

5 July 2011. After staying on HIs chariot for 2 nights outside the Gundica Temple, Sri Jagannathdevji was brought down from His chariot on this third night of the Ratha Yatra Festival. Then just like His brother Baladevaji, He rocked His way to the entrance of the Gundica Temple and with His lovely big round eyes, He showed everyone how He had become intoxicated by the love of the Vrajavasis.