Hare Krishna !
Dear Vaishnavas, Maharajas, Prabhus, Didis,
Godbrothers and Godsisters...
You are invited to our annual Ratha-Yatra Festival in Berlin!
Once again, it´s time for the incredible Ratha Yatra Carparade in Berlin with Sripad Van Maharaja and other special guests! All you beautiful souls are much invited to come for Sri Sacinandana Gauraharis amazing pastime of tasting the highest devotional moods in front of Lord Jagannath together with His eternal near and dear associates. Experience how patita-pavana Lord Jagannath, Baladeva and Subadra are showering the world with their extraordinary mercy as they tour the public roads of Berlin amidst hundreds and thousands of onlookers.

Again we are part of the Carnival of Cultures but this year due to the Football Worldcup that starts only a few days later we expect more then a million people instead only the 800 000 of last year. So please don't miss to take part in this spectacle with your family and friends!

We will provide free accomodations for everybody that registers early enough. The festival Fee is 14 Euro per day. Who ever registers for the entire festival (4 days) pays only 50 Euro. We very much like that families with children come. For them we have a special discount, please contact us. There will be two feasts each day, two classes a day, Bhajans, Arati and Kirtans. If the weather turns out good we will have a nocturnal Mahakirtan on the Hippie-Carnivalgrounds the night prior to the parade. This year a group of dedicated and experienced mothers offer to take care of your kiddies during classes so that you can hear without disruption.

Watch pics and videos of last year's parade at harekrischna.de

So all you need is a carshare arrangement or a cheap flight with ryanair. The hardcores will will have to swim, run or jump like Hanuman. A group up to 5 people pays only 15 Euro for one-day non-stop travel by busses and Trains in Berlin. Please spread the good news.
For info or registration please write a mail or give us a call.

For registration and information please call:
0049 / 30 / 62 00 87 47
or Mobiles: 0179 / 604 46 55 , 0176 / 651 58 625
or write us:
Your servants
from Berlin