All Glories to Sri Guru and Gouranga!
All Glories to Sri Radhe Vinode Bihari!
Dandavat Pranam,
Dear Maharaja's, Prabhu's and Didi's,

Trusting this meets you well.

Bhakti Projects UK warmly invite our worldwide sanga to join our gigantic Harinam in London, Hare Krishna March for Peace, Unity in Diversity-Love is Real, Saturday 24th May 7-10pm Covent Garden-Leicester Square ( meeting 7pm outside Covent Garden Tube Station).
If you are unable to partake, then please have Harinam, nagar sankirtan processions in your area on 24th May, let's make this day international Harinam Sankirtan day,
Aspiring for the service of Vaisnavas,
Indupati das
on behalf of

Bhakti Projects UK