Sriman Mahabuddhi dasa
Sriman Mahabuddhi dasa

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Diksha Disciple of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (1973)
Siksha disciple of Srila Bhaktivendanta Narayana Gosvami


  • Doctor of Philosophy – Vaishnava Philosophy -Florida Vedic College (1993_
  • Doctorate of Divinity – Vaishnava Administration-Florida Vedic College (1991)
  • Bhakti-Vaibhava Degree – Florida Vedic College 1991
  • Masters – International University 1988
  • Bhakti-sastri Degree – ISKCON 1975
  • Bachelors – San Diego State University 1973

Devotional Activities:

  • Founding Member: BBT Library Party ISKCON
  • BBT Library Party: (South America, Europe, India, USA)
  • General Manager: ISKCON Bombay:
  • General Manager: Prabhupada's Palace of Gold- New Vrindaban ISKCON
  • Temple President: ISKCON Dallas – VP ISKCON Int'l Temple Presidents
  • Founder/President: Institute for Gaudiya Vaishnavism (IGV) Florida
  • Inaugurated Nama Hatta Home preaching programs in South Florida
  • Established Florida Vedic College – 1st Vaishnava College in USA
  • Nama Hatta program made 100+ new devotees in S. Florida
  • Set up Two Hari Katha Festivals for Srila B.V. Narayan Goswami in S. Florida
  • Established the weekly "Raja Vidya" newsletter on Gaudiya Vaishnava Philosophy
  • Opened up a small preaching center in Arkansas
  • Prison Library Program (Bhakti Projects)- distribution of vaishnava books to Prison Libraries throughout USA
  • Lecturer/Instructor Arkansas State Univ Mt Home– Bhagavad-gita course

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