You are my guru, but I don’t follow your instructions!
The Essence of Everything
How to approach Krsna-lila
Speciality of Gaudiyas’ Mood
Which mood did Caitanya Mahaprabhu come to give?
I want to be a Guru Sevaka
What I Came to Give
Can Only Chanting Give Us Entrance into Vraja?
Katyayani Vrata- Should Gaudiyas Observe it?
One Minute Clip

If you have no taste in chanting the holy names, again and again, you should do. Don’t be distressed. Don’t be hopeless. Again and again, you will do, this is the medicine and diet also, harinama. And then what is the essence of all the instructions?

tan-nama-rupa-caritadi-sukirtananu-smrtyoh kramena rasana-manasi niyojya
tisthan vraje tad-anuragi jananugami
kalam nayed akhilam ity upadesa-saram

[Sri Upadesamrta (Nectar of Instructions), verse 8]

In essence, whole teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu come in this one verse. Be always in Vrndavana. If you can’t be in Vrndavana by your body, Oh! even by your mind you should be. And doing what? Chanting and remembering. Chanting Krsna’s name, remembering the pastimes of Krsna in the guidance of very rasika and tattvajna Vaisnava. And then, this is the essence of everything!

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