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One Minute Clip

Rupa Manjari and Rati Manjari, they always serve Srimati Radhika. They are solely inclined towards Radhika. Without Radhika, they cannot live. If Krsna is defeated by Srimati Radhika, they are overjoyed and clapping. And if Krsna defeats Srimati Radhika then some problems come. They do like this [hang their head down]. So, these manjaris are always with Radhika, at all times.

Lalita and Visakha, they will not enter in the kunja where Radha and Krsna are there but these manjaris can enter at any time and serve. They will not hesitate. There is no need to meet Krsna at all. They are tasting the same thing being far away. So, these are called manjari. These are the beauty of Radhika. So, Caitanya Mahaprabhu had come to give this mood. It is unnata ujvala-rasa.

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