How to approach Krsna-lila
Speciality of Gaudiyas’ Mood
Which mood did Caitanya Mahaprabhu come to give?
What I Came to Give
I want to be a Guru Sevaka
Can Only Chanting Give Us Entrance into Vraja?
Katyayani Vrata- Should Gaudiyas Observe it?
You are my guru, but I don’t follow your instructions!
What it takes to attain Vraja-bhakti
One Minute Clip

So, this is our paramapara. Then they will sprinkle their mercy [with this blessing-] “Oh! [May you have] Raganuga bhakti, in the guidance of Rupa Gosvami." You should serve Radha-Krsna conjugal but bending towards Radhika. This is very, very secret. I have brought you all for this. Svamiji [AC Bhaktivedānta Swami] wanted to give but there was no time to give. He wanted. So, in their [disciplic] line, I am telling so many things about Raganuga. No one else is speaking. All are silent. But I am not silent. Oh! I should go to hell, no harm, but they should all have Raganuga bhakti. [applause] But you will have to surrender.

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