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"Jiva Gosvami established the doctrine of the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya through his philosophical writings. Right from his childhood, Sri Rupa Gosvami showered him with fatherly affection and offered him at the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. At that time, Jiva Gosvami was just a child.

He was brought up with great affection and in a wealthy family. As he grew up, gradually he started worshipping Deities of Radha-Krsna. He would offer lamps, make garlands and offer them and in this way, he would be fully absorbed. He wouldn’t go out to play [like ordinary kids.]

Later he joined Rupa-Sanatana in Vrndavana. On the way to Vraja, in Kasi, he met Madhusudana Vacaspati, who was a disciple of Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya. He would teach Vedanta. In just a few days, he learnt grammar, logic and all other branches of knowledge at a very young age.

Sanatana Gosvami offered Jiva Gosvami at the lotus feet of Rupa Gosvami. He would stay with Rupa Gosvami in the vicinity of Sri Radha Damodara Temple, where Rupa Gosvami had a small hut.

Later, having assimilated the philosophy from Rupa-Sanatana, he first composed the six Sandarbhas. He also composed Harinamamrta Vyakarana, Alankara Kaustubha and many other scriptures. And then he composed Gopala Campu, a scripture replete with devotional mood based upon the foundation of his other philosophical works. Try to enter into the depths of these scriptures.

Try to understand the precept and teachings of Jiva Gosvami and aspire to become like that. You will attain pure devotion."